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Infostructure Conferences

This will be a running post: Updated 6 Sept., 2006
Here, infostructure, is used in context of the a) digital libraries and b) search process (capturing, seeking, searching, browsing, matching, finding, sorting, storing, retrieving, etc.). Infostructure, all-ado-about information, per se, is much more important, than the infrastructure (aka technology).
Infostructure is gradually emarging with new faces, interfaces in today's information society.
  • DRTC/ISI announces International conference on Semantic Web and Digital Libraries. February 21-23, 2007 at Bangalore, India. contact details:
    Convener, ICSD -2007
    Documentation Research and Training Centre,
    Indian Statistical Institute,
    8th Mile, Mysore Road, Bangalore - 560 059
    Karnataka, INDIA
    Phone: 91-80-28483002/3/4 extsn no. 496
    Fax : 91-80-28484265
  • Report of 2006 Search Engine Meeting, by Martin White, @ The Intranet Focus:
    Until the recent arrival of the Enterprise Search Summit the Infonortics Search Engine Meeting was the conference to attend if you wanted to track what was happening in the technology and business of search. ...
    Many of the papers at the conference were concerned with how to effectively search 'the long tail' a major issue in enterprise search because a searcher has to be confident that they have found all relevant documents, not just a sample. Which leads me neatly into an excellent paper by Steve Arnold on the way in which search engines are 'managing' relevance. An essay based on his presentation is an essential read. Steve may have slightly overstated the case, but not by much.
    The main sessions at the conference were on Searchers and Search Behaviour, Faceted and Federated Search, Text Mining, the World of the Web and finally Web Tools and Intelligent Tools. Virtually all the papers (but not the Google paper) can be downloaded but many are quite substantial files. Continue reading
  • SHARP 2007 Conference: "Open the Book, Open the Mind,"
    The fifteenth annual conference of the Society for the History of
    Authorship, Reading, and Publishing (SHARP) will be held in Minneapolis
    at the University of Minnesota on July 11-15, 2007. SHARP is the
    leading international association for historians of print culture, enlisting
    more than 1,200 scholars world-wide; its members study "the creation,
    dissemination, and reception of script and print, including newspapers,
    periodicals, and ephemera," as well as the history of books. The
    forthcoming conference is organized in cooperation with the College of
    Liberal Arts, University of Minnesota; University of Minnesota
    Libraries; Minneapolis Public Library; Minnesota Historical Society,
    and Minnesota Center for Book Arts -- a part of Open Book.

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    Book review from my desk:
    Mary Ellen Bates. Building & running a successful research business: a guide for the independent information professional. Edited by Reva Basch. CyberAge Books, 2003 -- (new edition: Building & running a successful research business: a guide for the independent information professional, 2010) Information Resources Management Journal

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