Monday, February 19, 2007

The Lessons of T Shirts to Marketers

"One of the problems all of us marketers has is that we lie to ourselves. We want so badly to reinforce what we think we know that we often miss the obvious.

We turn to focus groups and see what we want to see.
We turn to "experts" and hear what we want to hear.
We turn to research to read what we want to read.

We even talk to our customers. Unfortunately, our customers perception of how they interact with our products and services don't alway match reality. No where is this more obvious than at sporting events." Full artilce

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Wikipedia and Academia Hit News Headlines Again

Poor Wikipedia. Professional Golfer Fuzzy Zoeller is suing one of its contributors for a defamatory cyber-attack. And last year, television host and comedian Stephen Colbert urged his audience to vandalize a Wikipedia entry about elephants to prove the point that in a model where any user can edit encyclopedia entries, those entries are only as good as their source. Look Who's Using Wikipedia, Mar. 01, 2007, By BILL TANCER, Time / CNN [info courtesy, David Dillar]

Current News Stories:
"...places like the blogosphere or the online encyclopaedia Wikipedia, people no longer treat or respect each other as individuals." Web 2.0's 'digital mobs' attacked: Jaron Lanier tells BBC World Service's Culture Shock

  • Wikipedia not source for papers: College Sify News, Tuesday, 13 February , 2007.
    Middlebury: Middlebury College history students are no longer allowed to use Wikipedia in preparing class papers.
    The school's history department recently adopted a policy that says it's OK to consult the popular online encyclopedia, but that it can't be cited as an authoritative source by students.
    The policy says, in part, "Wikipedia is not an acceptable citation, even though it may lead one to a citable source."
    History professor Neil Waters says Wikipedia is an ideal place to start research but an unacceptable way to end it. Read another source
  • A Wikipedia WIthout Graffiti by CmdrTaco on Wednesday February 07,
  • A Stand Against Wikipedia: Inside Higher Ed, January 26, 2007
    As Wikipedia has become more and more popular with students, some
    professors have become increasingly concerned about the online,
    reader-produced encyclopedia.
  • A Stand Against Wikipedia
  • The Death of Authority?
  • Tricky truths behind Wikipedia By Alex Beam, Globe Columnist | March 12, 2007 [or Stikcy Wiki, in Deccan Chronicle, India]
  • Wiki Etiquette [ Business Week has a good “do’s and don’ts” list for working with wikis. Worth a quick read. ]

    From News Archives:
  • Wikipedia Revisited Cites & Insights: Crawford at Large, March 2007 v. 7 no. 3
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    The other side of the coin:
  • Wikipedia/Our Replies to Our Critics
  • Criticism of Wikipedia - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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