Tuesday, December 26, 2006

A Visible Pathfinder for Increasing Blog Traffic in 2007

"The wise learn from their own experiences but the truly intelligent will learn from someone else's!" - Benjamin Franklin.

My 2007 resolution for return-on-investments in blogging is to have a two-way traffic. The prescription is, please:
1. post a comment--aka, visual signature--in this blog on whatever subject (spam and phishing EXEMPTED)
2. turn on your blog comments' button; I will reciprocate not once, but every post that you create in 2007. This is my own idea of live and let live. I do reciprocate; my 2006 ledger shows Bloggers, such as, Sukhdev Singh, K. G. Schneider, Nancy White, Nirmala Palaniappan, David Tebbutt, Peachy Limpin, Thomas Brevik, Steven Edward Streight, Neil Patel, Diane Levin, and more.

PUNCHLINE: Increasing Blog traffic is a major concern, even for many Gurus [e.g., Adrian W Kingsley-Hughes' Three simple actions that doubled my website traffic in 30 days]
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    Idea courtesy: Bloggers Compose Their Yearly Ledgers, By Jeralyn; and How to Pay for Blog Comments, @ usability blog of John S. Rhodes; So what'd you get? by Ryan Block

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  • Saturday, December 16, 2006

    Faith's purchasing power - USA TODAY

    By Cathy Lynn Grossman, USA TODAY 12/13/2006
    GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. — In the beginning was the book.

    Long before Christmas became a retail explosion, before Christian-related toys, doodads and d├ęcor became a $4.5 billion industry, faithful Protestants needed their Bibles.


    When shoppers read books about religion, here's where they say they're most likely to get them:

    A Christian bookstore: 15.9%
    A general bookstore such as Barnes & Noble: 14.8%
    Borrow from a friend or family: 12.2%
    The public library: 9.2%
    A church library: 5.6%
    Other: 5.1%
    Online retailer: such as Amazon.com: 4.4%

    Source: Baylor Religion Survey
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  • Tuesday, December 12, 2006

    Introvert and Looking for a Job - You are not alone

    There are lots of guides, gurus and googlers:
    PS. thanks to Ahtisham (in chat) & Nirmala for a lead on this topic: Networking for the Introverts

  • Introverts unite! Written by Brian Flemming
  • Networking for Introverts, by Rachel @ The Liminal Librarian
  • Confessions of an Introvert, The Shy Girl's Guide to Career, Networking and Getting the Most Out of Life, by Meghan Wier
  • Successful Marketing for Introverts
    Beth Woodward, CPCC, Pinnacle Associates, Inc.
  • How To Network: For Introverts, by rob @ Businesspundit.com