Saturday, December 20, 2008

Library Annecdotes: Have Printer Will Travel

...this particular guy also brought along a full-size HP laser printer (in the box) that he wheeled in on one of those luggage carriers. He was quiet, did what he needed to do in about an hour’s time, then he packed-up his printer and laptop and left. … I never saw this before in the Library. Have Printer Will Travel

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Sunday, December 14, 2008

New 3 Rs: Revolution, Reorganization and Renovation ~ Thought for the day

"One of the chapters especially caught my eye. It is by one of the Charleston Conference mentors – Susan Campbell (Director, York College Library, York, Pennsylvania). Her paper is called “The New 3 Rs: Revolution, Reorganization and Renovation.” In it Susan explains how Schmidt Library managed a reorganization that eliminated 13 clerical positions and created 11 new full-time and 2 new part-time positions as well as performing renovations in three and a half months with $3.5 million."

quoted in Rumor of the day by katina.strauch (For book chapters and much more 'Connection. Competition. Collaboration,' See: Defining Relevancy, Managing the New Academic Library, edited by Janet McNeil Hurlbert, Libraries Unlimited, 2007