Sunday, February 22, 2009

Another graduate school serving the library field is about to lose the “L” name

Any alumni of Rutgers University, and any LIS professional, including this blogger, will be shocked to read about a revival-cum-survival spirit. Rutgers' is again in news--and LJ has it right on--not for a new Rocket Science, rather it is again about a Name change (undeniably, a debate that has always been our cup of tea!!!):
"as a form of protest, i refuse to come up with a witty title for this post
ok, i feel like i should maybe weigh in on this whole Rutgers dropping 'library' from SCILS situation. i posted a comment on my friend mike's blog, and i guess if i'm gonna speak my mind there, i might as well post it here as well. since i am lazy and don't really feel like spending much time or effort stressing over the whole thing, i'm just going to copy and paste my comment. (and what an easy way to drop a post in, since i haven't written in awhile. heh.)" Quoted from The Info Babe
Interestingly, other Library Schools that have no 'L' word include: Ischool @ University of Toronto, and iSchool at Drexel University; these are two current examples of a trend that will influence others.

See also: What’s the matter with our profession?

Bottomline: Some may wonder why we need the word: 'information' if words are just the matter as was argued in "Information Studies Without Information" In Library Trends 52(3) Winter 2004!!! Hence, are we getting into the same pond and business as in the following story where the naming business is a big business: Fresh Fish Sold Here