Thursday, July 22, 2010

“Shake Off the City” ads show a bucolic Niagara but Torontonians are peeved

The Niagara they show. The Niagara we know.

Jayme Poisson, Staff Reporter, Toronto Star, Jul 20 2010
NIAGARA FALLS, ONT.—We can diss you too, Niagara.
Although they don’t name the concrete jail as Toronto straight up, the logo shows a silhouette of the city with the CN Tower and Rogers Centre in the backdrop. It morphs into trees: “Shake Off the City.”

“Toronto has many iconic symbols like the CN Tower while Niagara’s is Robert Wadlow’s gigantic chair,” said currency trader Jamie Heighway. continue reading The Niagara they show. The Niagara we know.

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  • Friday, July 16, 2010

    Ten Tips (or Steps) for Tracking Trends

    By Elisabeth Doucett, 05/11/2010, American Libraries Magazine
    Libraries can stay relevant to their users by strategically riding the wave of societal trends. [This article is excerpted from What They Don’t Teach You at Library School, to be published by ALA Editions in July].
    Step 1: Identify potential sources of information for societal and library trend tracking

    Step 2: Develop a method for regularly reviewing those resources.

    Step 3: Search social networking sites.

    Step 4: Review each idea that you pulled out of your research, considering potential implications for your library.

    Step 5: Leave your idea list in a file until you start the same process the next week.

    Step 6: When you identify the ideas that you want to pursue for your library, get together with some of your fellow librarians to help you review the ideas and find the good and bad about them.

    Step 7: Put the ideas back in the file and let them sit for another week.

    Step 8: Once a month, pull out one idea that has gone through steps 1–7.

    Step 9: Approval.

    Step 10: Turned down. Continue reading 10 Tips for Tracking Trends