Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Assessment Skills and the Academic Library Job Market

Recruiting for Results: Assessment Skills and the Academic Library Job Market By Scott Walter and Megan Oakleaf  (pdf)


This paper reports the results of an exploratory content analysis of academic library position descriptions posted between 2004-2009 in order to determine the degree to which assessment skills are identified as required or preferred qualification for hire, as well as the degree to which assessment responsibilities are noted as components of the positions. It suggests that, despite the increased call for assessment in academic libraries over the past decade, there is little evidence that we are recruiting new professionals into our libraries with a clearly articulated responsibility for designing, implementing, or reporting the results of assessment activities.
 Also in Proceedings of the 2010 Library Assessment Conference - LibQUAL

Another library career shelved

A library career shelved, by Kelly Grinsteinner Editor HIBBING — If one wanted to book some time with the reference and technical services librarian at Hibbing Public Library, they’re out of luck.
That option is long overdue. The position no longer exists.
 ... “I’ll still have to come in and get my books,” she said. “I do some electronic reading, but I’d say about three-fourths of my reading is still a book.”
continue reading: Hibbing Daily Tribune

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