Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Ten New Positions I'd Like to See

Dream come true of another library blogger?? Not yet.... says Laura Cohen:

My library just got a huge, anonymous donation to fund ten new positions for as long as we want them. We're now in the process of figuring out the basics of these new lines. It's an exciting time for us. I may have been dreaming this.

Dreaming about:

  • Social Networking Support Librarian.
  • Collaborative Publishing Librarian.
  • Multimedia Publishing Librarian
  • Coordinator of Student Participation
  • Programming Risk-Taker.
  • OPAC Transformation Librarian
  • Testbed Technologist
  • Digitization Librarian
  • Remote User Librarian
  • Exploration and Training Librarian

Keep reading and hope against hope: Library 2.0: An Academic's Perspective

PS. Same shelf: A librarian by any other name... by Mary Ellen Bates

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