Monday, June 16, 2008

How to kill a young librarian's love of librarianship (AKA. A Dispute Resolution Guide)

Thanks to Dr. Wilfred Drew for this inside-box news story.

His list of actions, messages and motivations, all coming from the box around, include many do's and don'ts. I like his do's, as guidelines to be considered by all the concerned (just-in-case they are looking for creative visualizations):

  • Award only those that maintain the status quo
  • Blame people for failures.
  • Call young librarians "cute" and ignore what they can really do
  • Maintain walls between departments
  • Demand unquestioning trust in what you do
  • Veteran librarians know best because that is the way it has always been done
Continue reading the list, and the comments of the experienced

PS. I need his help in drawing a list of such guidelines on how to kill a foreign trained librarians' love of librarianship (and de-humanize these in a very polished, friendly and courteous manner, not to lead him, but just mention in passing, find a sure-killer list that comes with sugar coated delusions).


Anonymous said...

the modern society is very cruel. it is heartless, compassion is merely for show. we should encourage innovation and appreciate the efforts made by young librarians . new entrants to the profession should be guided by genuine mentors, who can show the way, with an open mind.krishan kumar

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