Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Innovative Internet Applications in Libraries ~~ Ages & Stages

Note: This is an excellent categorization of the emerging trends in services and products.
Kathy Leeds @ Wilton Library needs to be congratualted for this creative resource.

"Special sections of sites designed for segments of the service population are increasingly part of library offerings."
Boston Public Library Extreme Teen Lounge
Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh's Teens Real Life
Dewey Browse [Chesterfield, NH School Library]
eVolver [Denver,CO Public Library]
50 Plus [Phoenix (AZ) Public Library]
55+ [Hennepin County Library]
For Kids [Chicago Public Library]
For Teens, Kids & Parents [Winnipeg Public Library]
Kids & Teens [Tacoma, WA Public Library]
Kids @ the Library [Halifax Public Library, Canada]
Kids' Place [Newark, NJ Public Library]
Kidspoint [The Central Rappahannock VA Regional Library]
Children's Room [High Point NC Public Library]
Kids' Central [Waukesha, WI Public Library]
Kids Know It All [Harris County (TX)Public Library]
On-Lion for Kids [NY Public Library]

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