Saturday, October 03, 2009

Citing, Citations, Siting, and Sighting the Wikipedia

"Oh in regards to the Wikipedia citations for a given article, this is no guarantee that that citation was actually used to research that article. I've found several instances of Wikipedia citing pages on my site that have NEVER existed (strange but true)."KenB: Why Is Wikipedia On Top in Search Results?

A Long List of Disclaimers @ WIKI:

WIKI in Progress:

  • Fake Wikipedia editor unmasked in Webmaster General
  • Where Wikipedia Ends - Yahoo! News
  • Is Wikipedia a Victim of Its Own Success? - TIME
  • New Amazon wiki and citation features
  • Wikipedia popularity from a citation analysis point of view,
    Alireza Noruzi,
  • LibraryCrunch: "a Wiki citation is toilet paper"

  • Tools of the Trade:
  • Wiki citation maker -- Wiki and Blog citation maker:
    "This page helps you create biomedical citations to use as references when writing on wikis such as Citizendium, Medpedia, Wikipedia, and others. This page also helps create citations for biomedical blogs hosted on Blogger, Wordpress, and other sites."

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