Wednesday, June 09, 2010

The Battle of Building Library's Digital Collection, Revisited

Previous post @ Librarians as Knowledge Managers: The Battle of Building Library's Digital Collection

  • A librarian takes on Google Books, Rory Cellan-Jones, BBC, 7 June 2010 :
    The librarian believes he has found a new cause for his profession, to give a secure home to digitised texts produced with the highest quality standards and available freely to all. "These are huge benefits," he says, "and should be fought for by all of those who care about unimpeded public access to knowledge." Google beware - the librarians are getting cross, and they are quiet but patient people....
  • The Death of the Open Web, by VIRGINIA HEFFERNAN, May 17, 2010,
  • CANADA: Open access - promises and challenges, Leslie Chan
    03 May 2009, Issue: 0074 University World News
  • Amazon's Kindle (genre: e-book reader)
  • From Realities to Values: A Strategy Framework for Digital Natives
  • Libraries Reinvent Themselves to Serve Digital-Age Students
  • NPR Interview Podcast - Can The iPad Or The Kindle Save Book Publishers?
  • Genre Reader: Why Buying from Kobo Books is Better than the Amazon Kindle Store
  • Why Apple’s iPad is shaking things up with Amazon and Google by Martin Taylor
  • 10 Biggest Challenges eBooks face
  • Should libraries have ebooks? I’m not sure they should, by Martin Taylor:
    "There are several problems with letting libraries lend ebooks, but there are also opportunities that could be a big help to our emerging digital publishing industry. It’s worth looking at both sides."
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