Friday, October 29, 2010

Sale of Wikipedia's material as books on Amazon - Wiki in news again

PS. See the previous posts on the Wikipedia in news.
Extract from Wiki:
A German information portal for consumers ( has criticized Amazon for selling tens of thousands of print on demand books which reproduced Wikipedia articles. Amazon did not acknowledge this issue raised on a blog and some customers that have asked the company to withdraw all these titles from its catalog. 
See also on the same shelf:
By , Guide
"Another tempting place to get content is from an online reprinter. Online reprinters are companies that solicit articles that they then offer for reprint (and sometimes translation). On the surface, these reprinters look legitimate, often with long terms and conditions including dire warnings if authors post copyrighted material that is not their own.
But in my experience, these sites simply take any article that is uploaded to them and add it to their directories, without any verification or confirmation that the content is not plagiarized. I have found content from FoxNews, Investopedia, and Wikipedia as well as my own content all reprinted without permission on reprint sites. In fact, in one case, the owner of the reprint site advertises how to "ethically steal" content (I'm not sure he knows what the word "ethically" means). "

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