Monday, July 02, 2012

Reading now: Describing Electronic, Digital, and Other Media Using AACR and RDA

While there are a number of books that help in resource discovery (aka cataloging / cataloguing), this book has more hands-on and how-to-do in dealing with both AACR2 and (RDA)

Describing Electronic, Digital, and Other Media Using AACR and RDA: A How-To-Do-It Manual for Librarians (How-to-Do-It Manuals), by Mary Beth Weber, Fay Austin, Facet Publishing and Neal-Schuman Publishers, Inc.; Pap/Cdr edition (2011) Extract:
Catalogers hungry for hard-to-find answers regarding the best way to insure access to diverse new content will find expert solutions in this vital new resource. Streaming video, Internet sites, dual-disc DVDs, blogs and listservs are just some of the rapidly emerging, and often complicated, new resources covered in this current, easy-to-follow manual. Authors Mary Beth Weber and Fay Austin dedicate separate chapters to each non-print and e-resource format, and include corresponding examples to help demonstrate practical implementation of these critical new skills. A companion CD-ROM contains fully-worked out examples, models and illustrations, and acts as an important visual guide to help reinforce key concepts. Practical and user-friendly, this essential guide to 21st century cataloging will teach you to organize your constantly expanding collection of materials with both optimal efficiency and increased discoverability.
What do Reviewers Say:
With a useful CD-ROM for step-by-step help and a companion website that will be updated as necessary. Recommended." --Library Journal, April 2011
"This book is highly recommended for technical services staff struggling with changing cataloguing rules for certain types of nonbook materials." --Technicalities, November/December 2011

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