Friday, November 08, 2013

Ten of the Best Web 2.0 Tools for Cybrarians, by Cybrarian’s Web!

Ps. Given below is the list. Full description of each tool is at the author's site, click here:

Incidentally, there is no date, hence not sure if this is a recent list or some of this is already gone with the wind (no pun indeed; just look at how often Google products vanish...). Wish the author could have added one liner to each of these to indicate how libraries (not just librarians as individuals) can use each Tool!!!

  • Cloud Magic - for all your personal data
  • ePubBud - for aspiring authors of children’s ebooks
  • Google Drive - provides users with ‘cloud space’ to store and access files from anywhere
  • Issuu - free digital publishing platform 
  • - opportunity to create pictorial graphs to promote current services.
  • Jumpshare - file sharing service
  • Poll Everywhere - offers a unique way to create real-time audience responses for events
  • Text2MindMap - allows users to create customized mindmaps directly on the website
  • TodaysMeet - create chat rooms
  • Weebly - ‘drag and drop’ website builder

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