Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Collection Development Templates

What is collection development? What is the need for a template? Some answers are here:

       Finding quality items for your consumer health library can be a challenge. Here are some ideas for adding to your collection. Go to the local Barnes and Noble or Books-A-Million and browse the selection of health books. This is great, because you can actually see the item before you make your purchase or order. Read the customer reviews on Amazon.com. Look at core lists from the Consumer and Patient Health Information Section of MLA at http://caphis.mlanet.org Look in Alan Rees' Consumer Health Information Sourcebook for recommendations.

Here are some guidelines for evaluating your collection. Are there books older than five years on the shelf? Five years is a general guideline for currency. There should be very few exceptions to this guideline. Even anatomy books become dated. Are there duplicates that are not being used? Conduct an inventory. Are there missing/lost items? Are there some books that probably have newer editions?

Something that will help you the next time you evaluate your collection is to create a collection development policy for your health collection. Be sure to include the scope of the collection, handling gifts, weeding, and dealing with challenges. Your collection development policy for consumer health should be a separate part of the institutional collection development policy.

With these suggestions, you will be able to create and manage a consumer health collection:

·        Collection Development Policy: Policy Template


·       Guidelines for Writing Collection Development Policies

· A Practical Approach to Writing a Collection Development Policy
see also: Procedures enforcing the collecting policy

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