Saturday, July 15, 2006

Practical Tips for Buying & / Or Selling Books

How to sell a book, with so much competition around. And, where to buy a book amidst so many stores? I found two sources, and I am posting these here:

Selling a book:
Rules of thumb for booksellers

There’s a copy of Susan Halas’ rules of thumb for booksellers buying books (to resell) over at the Bibliophile Bullpen. Interesting stuff.
Some samples:
Q: You are looking through hundreds of cheap paperbacks for something of value, what are you looking for?
A: Size smaller, the older paperbacks were a little bit smaller than the current size, you can see it on the shelf, look for the one(s) that are shorter. Cover price — the lower the cover price the earlier the issue. Collectible artist who signed the cover — look at the art work, 40s/50s pulp art has a following especially if in color and about SciFi or drugs other vices. Think lurid. Continue reading Rules of thumb for booksellers

Buying a book:
Notes: (Your experience may vary)
1) Amazon has the widest selection of used books (sold by third parties). Used prices vary considerably.
2) is a good alternative to Amazon. Has harder to find items at good prices and better service. Does comparisons...
3) Bigger Books 'seems to' offer cheaper prices than even Amazon.
4) Ecampus will be your best bet for text books.
5) Booksamillion: free shipping. Use FREESHIP44 code.

Other Options/Places:
Questia Online Library - 48,000 online books, 390,000 online articles. Pay service.
eLibrary - 28 million online documents. Pay service.
Project Gutenberg - 10,000 public domain e-texts. Freebie.
The Google box has possibilities. Google selects based on this page's contents. Continue reading Bibliography, Library Science and Information: What's Been Published

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