Thursday, February 07, 2008

Library 2.0: Based and Debased

It is heartening to see that Library world is adapting the word: Library 2.0--adapting the word sounds more apropriate because adapting the technology & / or technique of Web 2.0 is not so much obvious. The Word-base is growing, at least if the following is any trend in a Web directory:

Home : Libraries : Library and Information Science : Weblogs : Directories Links:
BlogBib: Select
Librarian/Library Blogs
- Annotated list.
BloggingLibraries - Lists by library type, from
Library Weblogs - Directory categorized by geographic location, compiled by Peter
RSS(sm): Rich
Site Services
- A categorized registry of library services that are
delivered or provided through RSS/XML, Atom, or other types of web feeds.
The Blog - Overview of blogging for librarians by Rachel Mathieu and Robyn
Fleming. Includes a directory of library blogs.

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NB. Ask for more info about my own presentation on Web 2.0: Challenges for libraries.

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