Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Job Pathfinder - Join the race

During my recent hunt, I learnt a few things; may be documenting this learning curve helps someone:
How to write a cover letter (2 column), resume (2 or three column, including what they say about you), networking (with 47 types of relationships), going to an interview with a BUSINESS PLAN, and be sure to send THANK U (in case they missed you), to those who interviewed--moral is don't burn any bridges behind, you may be called anytime later.

Click here for a full picture: [doc file] My Job Pathfinder

NB. Also know the mantra that WORKS, viz., SHARE [as says the Guru, Pul C Green, author of GET HIRED]:

[PS. depends on which agency trains you, some call it: Accomplishment statements; some call it: Skill benfits map (i.e., show and tell in resume & in Interview) -- follow any guru, but make sure your path has the following]

1. Situation (describe a scenario)
2. Hindrance (explain what you was the bug)
3. Action (what was the strategy to deal with the situation)
4. Result (based on your action, state what was the result, or reaction, positive or negative)
5. Evaluate (sum up the effect of your scenario)

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Google for much more
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