Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Web Analytics - A Librarian's Outlook

Urchin & web analytics

A while back I’d ranted a bit about some of the troubles I was experiencing with our current web server log analysis package (AWStats) and a commercial package I was test driving at the time (WebTrends). Fortunately, with the installation of the geoip-free plugin for AWStats and a little help from my Perl guru husband, we managed to get a customized domain report from our free web log analysis package while managing to steer clear of a (not free) platform- and browser-specific solution. continue reading

  • E-Metrics: Measures for Electronic Resources

    The E-Metrics project is is an effort to explore the feasibility of defining and collecting data on the use and value of electronic resources. Although ARL has some experience in tracking expenditures for electronic resources through the ARL Supplementary Statistics, there is a widely held recognition that more work needs to take place in this area.

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  • A Study of Website Navigation Methods, Thomas S. Tullis, Ellen Connor, Lori LeDoux, Ann Chadwick-Dias, Marty True, & Michael Catani, Fidelity Investments

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