Friday, June 16, 2006

A Search for Library Technician Blogs

How many blogs are too many for the Library Technicians?
No one knows. But all keep wondering as the following post inquires: Dunn & Wilson Scholarship 2005 It lists the following two:
  • Library Supporter
  • Library Technician

    Continuing my search I found a most recent exploration of Library Technician Blogs, by Dave Hook. He continues to look up. All the best, Dave.

    Any ways, a simple search (allintitle: "library technician") shows 67 hits in blogspot. These results are arranged by date, most recent first.

    What is interesting in these blogs is these blogs are from all over the globe (all continents have productive samples), and covering a variety of subjects (including, jobs, technical issues, etc.).

    Keep guessing, there could be in hundreds!!!

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    And my Amazon Listmania (among others), one for the Library Technicians.
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    jayoval said...

    Thanks Mohamed for listing my blog. I haven't looked at it for some time and I had no idea anyone had seen it. I like yours too and hope all is well at your end.