Friday, June 16, 2006

Library Acquisitions Quiz

  • How to justify acquisition of reading materials
    Plan before you commit to avoid duplication and redundancy
    Don’t worry, just simply click and order
    Just buy any material as you like it

  • Which vendors does the library prefer?
    A friend of librarian
    A trick master, who knows how to be a millionaire
    Any one who offers economy and efficiency

  • Who does the final decision about selections
    Library user
    Librarian or faculty
    A student

  • What formats does the library acquire
    Who cares: buy anything under the sun to fill the shelves
    Only that which meets the majority user needs
    Whatever is available by impulse (in bookstore's display)

  • When does a library acquire reading materials
    At the end of the financial year

    Whenever the librarian has no other work

    When there is a demand from the user or users
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