Friday, June 16, 2006

Minds-On-Activities in Training Library Technicians

All Work and No Play Makes a Dull Librarian.***
Hence, theory, hands-on-experience, practicals, and minds-on-activities must go together in order to make a full circle.
Here are some Minds-On-Activities and related resources:
  • $ Lesson Planning: Icebreakers
  • $ IcebreakersIcebreakers: Ideas for Ice Breaker Games and Activities
  • Plagiarism: True or False Quiz
  • $ InfoQuiz 2005
  • $ Library Crossword
  • $ Crossword Puzzle on Library Lingo
  • $ Copyright Quiz
  • $ Are You a Librarian Test
  • $ Happyville Library Quiz
  • $ Library UT Quiz
  • $ Librarian Avengers Quiz
  • $ Are you a librarian? Take the quiz and find out
  • $ Quiz of a Librarian
  • Library of Congress Call Number QUIZ
  • Knowledge Organization Interactive Lab: Quizes and Exercises
    Concepts and DDC
    Descriptive Representation
    Reading MARC Records
    Dewey Decimal Classification

  • Google Blogsphere for more
  • Learn About Boosting Creativity @
  • Market Research - Mind Map
    Browse through our categorized archive of challenging Brain Boosters:

  • The expatriate librarian : skills that travel
  • Fun & Creative Stuff
  • Multimedia Educational Resource for Learning and Online Teaching (MERLOT)
  • "Focus on Ability" - Celebrity Quiz
    Solutions Marketing Group is a marketing consulting firm dedicated to providing businesses with innovative marketing strategies that target consumers with disabilities. To demonstrate how talent can transcend disability, they have added a fun little quiz to their website – where readers are asked to match well-known persons to their (often not-so-well-known) disabilities.
  • Healthy Living > Resources for Teachers, Heart and Stroke Foundation of Canada

    My own tool kit:
  • Library Acquisitions Quiz
  • Practicum 1 - Acqweb
  • Digital Literacy
  • Librarians and Techies – A NEXUS
  • The Six A’s for Evaluating Web Content
  • Market Research Resources via Libraries
  • Case Studies from India: Evidence-based Librarianship
  • Blog As A Teaching Tool
    ***If you believe this to be true, yet need some validation, Join SALA for Librarian Movie Night every quarter! [They say: Why, Because all work and no play makes a dull paper...]
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