Sunday, June 25, 2006

Promoting your grads: what all library schools should be doing

This will be a running post: Updated 6 August, 2006

Academic Librarians & jobs, by Lynn @ Hypothetically Speaking
I just read an interesting article, actually was directed to it from the ACRLog, concerning the length of time often taken during a job search for academic librarians. Chronicle Careers posted the article titled Endless Searche on July 27, 2006. continue reading

Promoting your grads: ... by Meredith, June 24th, 2006
When I graduated from FSU with my MLIS, I didn’t come out of it with job searching tips, an alumni network or really any help of any kind in finding a job. The College of Information, as it is now called, wasn’t great with the mentoring, networking, support stuff. So when I saw the Prospectus 2006 from the School of Information Management at Dalhousie University a couple of months ago Keep reading

Thanks Meredith for highlighting this issue. I think this has been a global problem. Library schools are now getting to understand that finding a job, or at least facilitating job search is a part of their package for survival.
I call this success breeds success pheoomenon. That is, if your grads get appropriate jobs THEN, they would recommend your school. And, Spread the Good Word. Else, you will be close to follow the lead as most, acquisitions, mergers or closure... God forbid.***

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  • Recent library school graduates or soon-to-be graduates' Journal
  • Career Services Office, Graduate School of Library and Information University of Texas at Austin - School of Information
  • The Job Search and the Web, by Michael D. Brooks, ASSOCIATES (2006, March, v. 12, no. 3)

    ***Informatics buffaloed, Recording Confusion, Posted in Electronic Records, by Carlos, 06.22.06 details

    The Punch Line:
    "So on the one hand, graduate students are taught to believe that a nonacademic career is evidence of "failure." And on the other, the tightening of the job market means that many with stellar publications and teaching records will be unable to avoid "failure" by obtaining academic positions." [Continue reading Alexandra Lord details her efforts to help history PhDs get jobs outside of academe]
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