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Who is a Library Technician

Keith: Ah, Okay. Okay, so what is the difference between library tech and the job of the librarian?
Steffa: The simplest explanation that I have heard of the job between, the difference between a library technician and a librarian, because it is difficult to explain otherwise. This is the best definition I’ve heard. Is the librarian thinks of what should be done, and the library technician does it. And that’s it. source Assignment 7a Library Technician Interview

  • The Ontario Associations of Library Technicians, defines as:
    A Library Technician is a graduate in Library Technology from an accredited post secondary institution whose programme is recognized by the Canadian Library Association. source

  • Government of Canada. National Occupational Classification: Library and Archive Technicians and Assistants, states:
    Library, archive and records management technicians and assistants assist users in accessing library or archive resources, participate in records management, assist in describing new acquisitions, participate in archive processing and storage, and conduct reference searches. They are employed by libraries, archives, records management branches and by other establishments with library or archive services. see more details

  • The Definition of the Title Libary Technician, stated at The Alabama Department of Archives & History is:
    This is advanced para-professional library work in library operations. Employees in this class perform a variety of functions, both difficult and routine in nature,necessary to the daily operation of a departmental, or state library agency. Work involves performing duties relative to the cataloging, shelving, distribution, and selection of books, magazines, newspapers, and other publications, and for assisting professional librarians on more difficult functions.

    See also: EXAMPLES OF WORK PERFORMED, and QUALIFICATIONS. Read the complete note
  • Significant Points about the job of Library Technicians @
    • Training requirements range from a high school diploma to an associate degree, but computer skills are necessary for all workers.
    • Increasing use of computerized circulation and information systems should continue to spur job growth, but many libraries� budget constraints should moderate growth.
    • Employment should grow rapidly in special libraries because growing numbers of professionals and other workers use those libraries.

    When in doubt ask the expert:
  • Council On Library/Media Technicians
  • The Ontario Associations of Library Technicians
  • Qualifications for Library Technicians Working in School Systems
    Approved by CSLA Executive Council; Executive Council ~ June 7, 1984
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