Friday, June 16, 2006

Library Technician: Interview Preparation

Want a clue as to what I might be asked?
Or, interested in finding out the dynamics (professional and behavioral) of an interview?
Read the Library Technician Interview, by Keith Puddick, UOToronto, [link dead now] About the author

Show, tell, and follow the words of wise:
Acquisitions Interview (real time scenarios)

More clues from
Professional Job hunt & Other resources including

  • Coop Placement Programs
  • Job Workshops (at least one week program)
  • Hiring Agency / Resume submission
  • Professional certification / registration
  • Employment / Voluntary assistance

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  • 101+ Commonly Asked Interview Questions

  • NB. check Youtube's How To Prepare For An Interview And much more on Job Interviews @ YouTube

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  • How To Prepare For An Interview

  • Library Interview Question (and answers) "Database"
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